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We are not claiming to be the best of the best right the only think we can tell you is that LetsForum is one of the top trusted communities used by thousands people that are looking to learn something new and get answers to their questions.

Our community content is primarily focused on 3 subjects such as SEO, Internet Marketing and Make Money.

Since our website is there to HELP we decided to give writers the opportunity to show their writing skills by letting them publish their articles, books, content etc. on our site and get paid by getting hired by other users.

No need to use those web-sites where you have to submit your hard work and then wait forever just to get it rejected at the end! Publish it here and you will get approved after only a few hours if the content you submit is original one!

What do you need to write about.

You can write about pretty much whatever you want as long as it is LEGAL and not XXX or adult stuff! Also the post has to be directed to readers so that after reading it their learn something and then can apply to their work.